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Gourmet Fries.

Team redesign for a beloved local restaurant.

Low-Fidelity & High-Fidelity Prototyping * UX/UI * Photography * Web Dev

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Team Redesign

I worked in a team with Zaid Amer, Julia Nassereddine and Nathan von Wistinghausen to redesign the website of local Stratford fast food chain, Boomer's Gourmet Fries. I had a hand in roles such as low/high-fidelity prototyping, HTML, CSS and Javascript, and photographed/edited images for the final product.

Tools Used

: Balsamiq
: Figma
: Illustrator
: Photoshop
: Brackets

Personal Roles

: UX Design
: Graphic Design
: Food/Product Photography
: HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Identifying Problems

Boomer's has acclaimed food and a good reputation. However, the Achilles heel to their business may be the outdated appearance of their website. As a team, we identified that while the design choices made by Boomer's were well intentioned, many of them fell short and failed to communicate the content of the website effectively. We were able to lump these shortcomings into two main categories; outdated design and usability. By targeting these pain points we were able to modernize the look and improve the usability of the Boomer's Gourmet Fries website, and better display their food.

Information Architecture & Wireframes

The redesigned website is a simple one page, continuous scroll website. We chose to do it in one page as the original Boomer's site had little content that needed to be moved over, as well as because a one page layout for a restaurant makes it very easy and effective for anyone to quickly scroll through and navigate.

Given the identified problems and our new site map, we made some changes to the website. Some changes we have made include a collapsable menu, as well as a landing page that features a photo of their food in a more appealing compared to Boomer's old slideshow header.




Many of the photos displayed on the original Boomer's website were very saturated and didn’t do their food justice. On a quick photoshoot excursion, our team travelled to the restaurant where I photographed some quick photos of a few menu items, with the help and input from Zaid, Julia and Nathan.


A select few photos taken during the shoot.


High-Fidelity Prototype

Using Figma, and then some HTML, CSS and Javascript, we created a high fidelity version of our re-conceptualized Boomer’s website.