A photo of Greg in 2021


Hello, I’m Greg, an interdisciplinary designer and artist.


I'm currently living in Ottawa, working as an automation engineer at Nokia. Formerly, I was reimagining the future of government services as a product designer with the Ontario Digital Service.


I believe that good design exists in whatever medium is best suited to prioritize inclusive, meaningful, and impactful solutions. Good design isn’t inherently digital-first, nor is it solely about aesthetics and font choice. Good design is about addressing inefficiencies and inequalities, leveraging existing systems or building new ones to improve quality of life, foster togetherness, and to encourage a sustainable long-term mindset in regards to our products, services, systems, and our world as a whole.


Looking for more? You can say hello at cotton.gregory@proton.me, view my work experience on LinkedIn, or take a look through any of the links below.




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