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An incomplete catalogue raisonné updated on occasion with past and present projects.

Project Year Discipline Practice Object
Park Library 2023 Digital Development Website
Live Text Poetry 2023 Language Generative Digital Outputs
Pemichangan Landscape Study 2023 Photography Landscape Images
I'll make it easy to understand me 2023 Multimedia Integration Video
Greg's Fridge 2023 Digital Development Website
Online together. 2023 Digital Development Website
Forest simulator 2023 Digital Development Website
Pen Portraits 2022 Traditional Illustration Drawings
The Food Library 2021 Multimedia Speculative Design Exhibit
Patchwork 2021 Digital Generative Digital Outputs
The Open House 2020 Live Hosting Event
Order 2020 Digital Illustration Images
MyOAP Dashboard 2020 Product User Experience Case Study
Ontario Provincial SSO 2020 Product User Experience Case Study
The Urban Farmer 2019 Photography Portraiture Images
Misc. Etc. Hong Kong 2019 Photography Abstract Images
Une bouteille de peinture 2007 Traditional Abstract Painting