The Urban Farmer
Photography, Urbanization, Image Series

A farmer grows high quality produce within his temperature controlled condo in Toronto, Ontario.

A farmer sits dejected in a garden inside his living room
Produce from the farm sits in a wicker basket, surrounded by beer cans in the living room garden
The farmer sits on his couch and wipes his brow
Portrait of the farmer, shoulders up, against a background of floral wallpaper
Overhead shot of the farmer's soup: with a whole fish, potato and tomato in it
The farmer sips soup from a spoon to taste test his dinner before serving
Edible fungus grows from the corner of the farmer's shower
The farmers small and old television unit displays a photo of a much bigger outdoors farm
In his living room garden, the farmer harvests lettuce
A blue tarp lines the bathtub so that the farmer can clean his newly harvested crops
The farmer looks himself in the bathrom mirror. In the background, herbs hang from the shower curtain rod to dry